Website support from BRC

BRC hosts websites for a number of recording schemes and projects. During the last year there has been a particular focus on development support for two of these:

  • We have been working with coleopterists representing the beetle recording schemes on a refresh of the UK Beetle Recording website. This provides a home for 19 individual Coleoptera recording schemes, and each scheme organiser is now able to update their pages as they wish. We have many new features such as a helpful guide to beetle families by Mark Gurney, and extended library of beetle images (thanks to Lech Borowiec for making his photos available for use), twitter feeds for a number of the schemes, and information on The Coleopterist journal, which now has its home within the UK Beetle Recording site.
  • BRC is currently developing a new website on behalf of the Dipterists Forum, and this will be available for use later in the year. It will provide a new online home for the society, including online subscriptions and links to recording schemes and resources.

A list of the recording scheme and society websites that are either hosted by BRC or for which BRC provided support for the development of the website can be found here.

UK Beetle Recording website home page
UK Beetle Recording website home page