iRecord Dragonflies app

The iRecord Dragonfly app helps you to identify the dragonflies and damselflies that you find and lets you record your sightings to support their study and conservation.

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Colourful dragonflies and damselflies zooming about over water is one of the quintessential sights on warm summer days. They can be very numerous in some habitats and play an essential ecological role as predators of flying insects, helping to control pests such as mosquitoes. They are also important indicators of water quality and wetland health.



Within the web app that works without an Internet connection, each of the species has a photo gallery, distribution map, adult flight times, its description and habitat information to give guidance on where they are most likely to be found. It takes only a few clicks to submit a dragonfly sighting and for more keen recorders advanced recording functionality has been added.


Karolis Kazlauskis, who helped to create the app, said: "Many species have expanded their distributions in recent years and some have arrived from the Continent. The British Dragonfly Society maps and analyses distributions, identifies important sites and monitors population changes due to wetland condition and climate. This work would not be possible without the help of people reporting where they find dragonflies, and we hope the app will make this easier."

Minimal Requirements

  • iOS: 8.x-9.x - Safari browser
  • Android: 4.x-5.x  - Default browser (4.x - for best experience Chrome for Android or Firefox for Android or Opera browsers should be used)

Note: It will not work if opened through in-app browser e.g. on Facebook or Twitter apps

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